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Impeachment Phonebanking


November 2019 - Sign up for a shift making phone calls to ensure an open and transparent impeachment trial. 

 Indivisibles across the country have already made more than 320,000 calls to voters to urge them to contact their senators on impeachment! 

 A formal impeachment inquiry is underway in the House of Representatives, but our work is far from over to ensure Trump is held accountable for his numerous crimes. It's absolutely essential that the Senate holds an open and transparent impeachment trial that allows for the full array of evidence to be presented and considered. But Mitch McConnell is the one who gets to set the rules for the trial -- and frankly, we don't trust him to do it fairly. That's why we've got to demand that Senators publicly support a fair and open impeachment trial. 

We Are Indivisible 2020 Pledge


We must defeat Donald Trump. The first step is a primary contest that produces a strong Democratic nominee. The second step is winning the general election. We will not accept anything less. To ensure this outcome, we pledge to:

Make the primary constructive. We'll make the primary election about our hopes for the future, and a robust debate of values, vision and the contest of ideas. We’ll remain grounded in our shared values, even if we support different candidates.  

Rally behind the winner. We'll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whomever it is — period. No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats.

Do the work to beat Trump. We’re the grassroots army that’s going to power the nominee to victory, and we’ll show up to make calls, knock doors, and do whatever it takes. 

Our members of congress

Congressman John Garamendi


Washington, DC  (202) 225-1880

Davis  (530) 753-5301

Yuba City  (530) 329-8865

Fairfield  (707) 438-1822

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Washington, DC  (202) 224-3841 

San Francisco  (415) 393-0707

Fresno  (559) 485-7430

Los Angeles  (310) 914-7300

San Diego (619) 231-9712

Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris

Washington, DC office  (202) 224-3553

Sacramento  (916) 448-2787

San Francisco  (415) 355-9041

Fresno  (559) 497-5109 

Los Angeles  (213) 894-5000

San Diego  (619) 239-3884

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